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May O. Fadiora-Runsewe.
Chief Executive.

Chief Executive's Note

Welcome to Teens2thrivE {T2T}-

Thank you for visiting our site. T2T is an exciting non profit organization that we are proud to be caretaker of. The story of the birth of this organization is on the next page, and I would encourage you to have a read as well. It is quite amazing that young people especially young people of this age are such a brilliant caliber of people. This is why it has become our priority to help them to identify their purpose by putting them on the right direction of life. This will be a legacy built for those young people to maximize their gifts and potentials and put them on the platform to be exhibited and become exceptional adults.

At T2T we are focused on building a fair society no matter what, one girl at a time by inspiring them to think beyond their personal experiences. We are committed to empower each and everyone of them to have firm confidence to live the life they aspire to live. We know this takes full dedication and hard work especially for all of us working here, from myself to all the volunteers that bring in innovative ideas of how the young people can be exceptional in every areas of life and deliver life skill projects and sessions at all times.

As it is clearly stated that we are a girl-focused organization yet we are fully aware that the world is dominated with the full capacity of both male and female. However we do take into consideration the boys that harness the security and safety of those young people. So we are boys inclusion but we deliberately have established a girls forum called The Woman You Are {TWYA} Forum. A platform for young people to jingle & mingle. This is an evidence-based platform to ensure we tackle issues our young people face in their journey to adulthood. The experiences and skills to gain here will be of practical and theoritical. We have strategic plans that sets out and guide us on how we will grow and also monitor our growth and impacts. We aim to develop and make a difference for as many young people as possible over the next five years.

All our volunteers are incredibly amazing, they are central to everything we do at T2T. We also rely on people out there who support our ambitious plans for the young people. We would not be able to do what we do without open hands of everyone in and around this community. We are excited and grateful for you all. So whether you wish to join TWYA Forum or you have a daughter, neice you thought this organization would benefit please do not hesitate to get them registered by completing the application form on our website. Become part of our team or wider network supporters. Please do get in contact we really look forward to meeting you.

May O. Fadiora-Runsewe.
Chief Executive.

who we are

We are an excited female-led organization, passionate to see female teenagers fulfil their potentials by empowering and influencing them. We are on a mission to shape the journey of our young people through to becoming an adult. Ensuring their transition is God fearing and smooth while gaining full support and encouragement towards the adulthood phase of life.

Mentoring & Coaching- By research we understand that simply providing access to resources is not enough for young people to thrive. However our personalized mentoring and coaching system can be tailored to their individual needs and by implementing this we help each of them to come out of their shell, identify their potentials and overcome limitations

Education - We support our young people with various educational projects that will enhance their skills, provide employability, improves positive thinking, build resilience and enhance personal development.

Empowerment- As it is know that knowledge is power. We equip and impact knowledge that results in empowerment in all our beneficiaries. We mobilize our young people to become community leaders and role models.

Family Support - Clearly families are an immediate support system for all teenagers. For young people to thrive, family support plays a vital role. We work with parents to ensure teenagers journey to adulthood is smooth. Our mother to daughter intervention model improves community support to keep young people in the right path of life while promoting improved long term health and wellness outcome.

our mission

To reach young people from deprived background within Peterborough and Cambridgeshire. To empower, support and educate them about managing their transition from teen to adulthood.

our vision

Empowering & influencing Teenagers to identify their purpose, maximize their potentials and become fulfilled Adults.


At Teens2thrivE, We are:

TEEN FOCUSED: In every thing we do we take everything about our teens very important to ensure theirs journey through to adulthood is smooth and simple.

CARE: We care and give holistic support to all our young people. We coach and mentor them individually to see that they succeed in their transition to becoming a fulfilled adult.

TRUST: With openness and transparency we build trust in our young people and they have built trust in our works giving them confidence that they are in right hands

AMBITIOUS: We are dedicated to providing exceptional future for our young people, ensuring their lives are transformed excellently to thrive above all limitations.

CREATIVE: We are innovative, we believe young people are about creativity. We do not settle for less. We aim to see our young people exposed to newness of ideas for great performance.


We empower, influence young people by impacting knowledge and giving substantial information to them and their parents.

We mentor and coach them in ways that will shape and align their path with their purpose in life.

We educate and inform them by the use of personalized coaching, teaching through life real experiences and mentoring methods.

We aim to support with them confidence while observing confidentiality, helping them to manage this transition, enabling their performances and supporting them to thrive.

We provide full support systems for them as they grow from being dependent to becoming independent with 24/7 support.

Become an empowerment that lasts for our Young People.

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