Our events is designed to bring teenagers and parent together and foster their relationship.It is basically for the purpose of awareness and education.


Reasons to be part of our workshop.

1. The number and frequencies of our Workshops/ Conferences/Seminars/Lectures for the year will be planned and agreed ahead with managements, trustees, parents and participants.

2. Our planned workshops will aim to involve participants fully and give them the chance to develop their skills such as confidence and leadership skills.

3. Our workshops will be participative with impactful outcomes.

3. Teens2thrivE workshops will be used as an effective way in managing change and achieving improvement. Particularly the creation of initiatives, plans, process and actions to achieve our cure aim of empowering young women, building their capabilities and life skills.

4. The aim is also to use our workshops for breaking down of barriers, improving communications among participants, most especially between teens and parents.

5. Teens2thrivE Workshops will be particularly effective for relationship management development, managing change and diversity to improve racial harmony and social inclusion, gaining capacity for dealing with life issues that affects teen's self-esteem and outlook.

6. We aim to use workshops for training on subjects like relationship building, rights and equality, diversity and racial harmony, financial and social inclusion.

Upcoming Events

Sep - Dec 2022
Sep - Dec 2022

Past Events

May 2022

Limitless Lady Awareness

Menstural Hygiene Awareness

April 2022

Dragon's Den

Sport Provision

March 2022

International Women Day

Etiquette for girls in celebration of international women day

Jan 2022

Martial Art Project

Punching for Purpose

Oct 2021

Teens Identity

Identity Crisis and Why Identity is Important

Nov 2021

Martial Art Project

Punching for Purpose

Dec 2021

Girls with Confidence

Empowering Teenage girls to build confidence

August 2022

Become an empowerment that lasts for our Young People.

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