Studies have shown that young people's education is one of the most cost-effective strategies for promoting development and economic growth. Hence our programs include community support, parental engagement, peer mentoring & Coaching. Mental Health support and Physical interventions.

Our mother to daughter intervention model improves community support to keep young people in the right path of life while promoting improved long term health and wellness outcome.

Our young people also serve as peer facilitators and this boosts their confidence and impact them as they share their knowledge with mothers , sisters and their peers.

With the understanding of differences in cultural, social and health factors of many young people, we organises community based projects to educate young people on their rights, reproductive health, resilience, cultural awareness, financial literacy and personal safetly.

We mobilze young women as community leaders and role models. We also assist in the provision of safe and healthy space for young people within the community.

We educate young people in sexual maturation and reproductive health.
We foster great communication between parents and children while we build peer support networks such as TWYA Forum.

We aim to see our young people who are participants in this organisation becoming leaders and role models in this generation.


Having overcome numerous challenges as a young girl who grew up in the rural area of Osogbo, Osun state. May knows how imperative and to what extent young people education and life development takes them. She grew up in a family of 5 girls and went to a girls only Christian school where she was nominated amonst 8 other young people to journey to the united kingdom for voluntary services and education.

May had her first award to volunteer with the Voluntary Service Overseas, VSO London UK in 2003 and this was when her journey and experience of charitable services and girls empowerment began.

May always strive to see girls empowered and influenced positively to become a solidarity and forces to be reckoned with, both within their communities and the world at at large.

May is the Delectable and multi-talented wife of Pastor Enoch Runsewe and an Assistant Pastor of the Rccg Freedom Connections Peterborough UK. She is a mother to their 3 beautiful boys. An entrepreneur, author, a teacher, counselor, an intercessor and an embodiment of spirituality; better described as a definition of the proverbs 31 woman.

She is the convener of the Minister's Wives with Aaron's Mandate (MWAM) Intercessory Forum. A woman to woman Intercessory platform whereby prayers are done for the men called into the work of gospel ministry consistently. She is the chief executive officer and director of the Osmoof Incorporated Limited (Osmoof Studios), with headquarters in Peterborough UK.

She also is the Founder of the New Generation Children Bible Forum, an initiative whereby young children are taught and equipped with the Holy Scriptures. She runs an online TV show, Motherhood Moment with May (MMM) whereby she reaches out to women of all ages who are mothers and mothers to be, encouraging, supporting and fortifying them to embrace motherhood and it's unending rewards.

Her passion went to the extent of establishing Teens2thrivE to fully support and transform young people's lives especially young people inorder for them to be equipped in education and life skills to face life's possible challenges.

Her mission is to reach as many people people as possible out there, guard them with knowledge and life skills that will prepare them to thrive and become unlimited in life.

May with the support of everyone currently part of this vision to make Teens2thrivE a remarkable organisation, would ensure great empowerment for all young people involved to identify their purpose, maximize their potentials and to become fulfilled Adults.

Become an empowerment that lasts for our Young People.

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